What is Corn Bran?

Corn Bran is one kind of food product that contains a high proportion of fiber. This is produced from the out layer of corn. Bran can be derived from other crops also. It has a variety of use. Nowadays some commercial company gives their attention on Bran. They use filters to separate the Bran from Corn and other crops.

As a food, Corn Bran is used in many ways. As we know that it contains fiber in high, So it helps people to make their food nutrition high. It can be used in home cooking for making the amount of fiber high in daily food habits.

Almost all kinds of grain have three-part: the bran, the endosperm, and the germ. The bran protects the grain from the environmental elements and obstacles as our skin protects us from getting injury inside easily. Then the main part of the grain, the endosperm is considered the core element. We mainly enjoy this part. And finally comes the germ with supporting elements.

What is Corn Bran Made of

Is-Corn-a-Carbohydrate corn bran

Corn Bran is simply made with fiber and is produced from the protecting layer of corn. There is nothing special about making corn bran. It is just separated from corn using a filter when cornflower is making. Bran is used in many products such as grits. For adding extra nutritional value, germ and bran are mixed up. Even using Bran in daily recipes makes our food more flavored.

Basic Corn Flour is made of endosperm only. It doesn’t contain bran and the germ. But it is less nutritional because of not having bran and the germ. When it is mixed with bran and the germ, the nutrition level is increased.

You can use bran in cereal, chips, and snack bars to increase the fiber content. This food is indigestible. So increased amount of fiber in those will help people to take them without any side effects or digestion problems. Even Bran is low in calorie count and carbohydrate. So it can be a useful element to make your food less carbohydrate. That’s why low carb get crushed on these corn brans.

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